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Frequently Asked Questions

Loyalty Points
Loyalty points can be earned by ordering on our website. 1 point is earned by spending 1 pound, the value of 1 point is 1 pence.
Points are awarded once the order has been marked for dispatch, the points can then be redeemed on your next order, there is a prompt at the checkout, or you can save them and use them in bulk (they do not expire). Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash or gift vouchers and apply to online orders only. You must register an account as they are not awarded by using the guest checkout.

Glossary Of Abbreviations
U/M - Unmounted Mint
M/M - Mounted Mint
F/M - Fine Mint
F/U - Fine Used
G/U - Good Used
FDC - First Day Cover
P/P - Presentation Pack
PHQ - Postcard
S/A - Self Adhesive
MS - Miniature Sheet

Do We Buy Stamp and Coin Collections?
Selectively yes, please see our valuations page here.

How To Use The Site Search
For best search results use brief terms such as Stockbook, Magnifier or Capsule.

Using spaces will broaden the results so best results are found by keeping the search simple.
If you need to use more than one word enclose the whole term within speech marks "      "

To search for stamps use the SG number SG1658

You can also search by 6 digit Lighthouse product codes, for example 314775

You can CONTACT US if you need any more help.


Stamp Packets

Each pack is made up of identical stamps, so buying multiple packs of the same reference code you would end up with complete sets of duplicates.

Also note pack reference codes, for example:-
M155 25 Football stamps
M156 50 Football stamps
M157 100 Football stamps
The 100 pack M157 would contain 75 duplicates from the packs of 25 and 50.

This applies to all other packs of thematic and country stamps.

Although packs with different reference codes, for example:-
M48 25 cat stamp
(316) 25 cat stamps
The 2 packs will likely have some duplicates but not be identical packs.


Issues with payments and how to disable your browser's pop-up blockers:
Pop-up windows are used for some online banking payment gateways such as PayPal, Credit Cards, SagePay and from September 2019 for all banking authorisations.

You can manage which websites allow or block pop-ups. It is advised to allow pop ups for our site and that of the payment gateway so as to authorise your payment. 

Below are some instructions for different browsers and operating systems (PC or Mac)


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