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Hawid have decided after many years in business to close in June this year.

But no panic! We are pleased to advise more choice for stamp mounts.

The good news is that we will continue to be able to provide Hawid mounts for the near future, and also provide Lighthouse SF mounts for years to come.

Both Hawid and Lighthouse mounts are made of PH-neutral polystyrene (PS), which is made without chemical softeners, with both clear and black backing film.
Standard sizes of strips & cut to size are closed bottom only.
They are also available with twin parallel welds (closed at the top and bottom) and Doragard (closed at top and bottom, open at back).

For more information, please refer to pages 72–74 of the
Lighthouse Stamp Accessories Catalogue. SF stamp mounts are supplied in a resealable see-through bag.

Why does Lighthouse not offer ‘cut-to-size’ in its standard range? 
Most stamp collectors prefer strip mounts so they can cut stamp mounts to their preferred size.
Generally speaking, a stamp collector does not need 50 of the same size.
By opting for SF strip mounts, we can avoid customers having stock left in sizes they do not need, thus saving you money.

However the popular cut to size mounts for GB definitive stamps, 21x24mm, will still be available.

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