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Product Description

The fully electronic perforation measuring instrument.

The PERFOtronic delivers absolutely reliable measuring results for all stamps in just seconds using optical-electronic means.

The measurement is completely contactless with the light sensors.

The PERFOtronic automatically performs rounding or rounding to the nearest number of perforations specified in the catalogs in 1/4 intervals The processor is even able to extrapolate the number of teeth for marks with missing or faulty teeth.

Also suitable for large brands, brands with edge or roller brands, etc The PERFOtronic comes complete with 220V adapter.

The measurement results are adjustable to quarter values, e.g. 14.25 (as stated in the catalogs) or - now accurate to 1/100 (for example 14.21

Dimensions: Approx. 190 x 140 x 65 mm


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SAFE Perfotronic Stamp Perforation Measuring Device

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