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There are 6 different A4 sheets containing gold colour lettering on a transparent self-adhesive strip, so that your own pre-printed albums, stockbooks and other binders all match the typical LIGHTHOUSE style. These permanently sticky labels will make sure that your collection looks as good as it is.

Areas of Germany, volume numbers, etc. 327 923
(e.g. Old Germany, Bavaria, Bohemia and Moravia, Danzig, German Reich, Memel Territory, Federal Republic and many more)

Scandinavia, Baltic States, Great Britain and territories, BeNeLux, volume numbers, etc. 314 091
(e.g. Åland, Danmark, Eesti, Føroyar, Grønland, Iceland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Alderney, Gibraltar and many more)

France and territories, Southern Europe, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, volume numbers, etc. 308 868
(e.g. Andorra, France, Monaco, Mayotte, Nouvelle Caledonie, Reunion, T.A.A.F., Algerie, Italia, San Marino and many more)

South East Europe, Europa motif, UNO, volume numbers, etc. 315 544
(e.g. Greece, Türkiye, Bulgaria, Jugoslavija, Kosovo (UNMIK), Slovensko, Polska, Romania, Rossija, UN Geneve and many more)

America, Australia, Asia, Africa, volume numbers, etc. 319 025
(e.g. Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Suriname, USA, Australia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nippon, Singapore and many more)

Diverse philatelic terms, volume numbers, etc. 306 729
(Constituencies, genealogy, picture postcards, banknotes, letters, postcards, ship post, complete sheets and many more)


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Self Adhesive Country Labels for Binders

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