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Trading Card Album - Pro - Gaming
Trading Card Album - Pro - Gaming
Trading Card Album - Pro - Gaming
Trading Card Album - Pro - Gaming
Trading Card Album - Pro - Gaming

Product Description

Are you passionate about collecting trading cards? If the answer is yes, are you looking for a stylish and secure place to store them all? The TCG ALBUM PRO is the ideal solution. This album was specially developed for trading card fans and has a variety of outstanding features to keep your collection in prime condition.

You can add a personal touch to your collection by putting your favourite card in the spotlight. The unique window on the front cover of the album lets you put one trading card on show (size: 60 x 88 mm) – a true eye-catcher. 

- For up to 315 trading cards or 35 A4-size sleeves
- Unique window in the cover for displaying a trading card of your choice (interior format: 60 x 88 mm, 2 5/8 x 3 1/2)
- Ring mechanism to accommodate all common 3 x 3 trading card sleeves
- Sturdy hardcover binding
- Overall size: 300 x 325 x 58 mm (11 7/8 x 12 3/4 x 2 1/4)
· We recommend using our TCG Sheets Grande Pro (Ref. 323456) to store your cards

The TCG ALBUM PRO offers plenty of space to keep your collection of trading cards together. It can hold up to 315 trading cards or 35 A4 sheets, so you can keep your favourite ones together, be they Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering or a different collection. We recommend Leuchtturm's TCG SHEETS GRANDE PRO (Ref. 32 34 56).
The top-quality ring mechanism of the TCG ALBUM PRO will keep your cards safe and sound – and they will not slip about. The sturdy, hard cover will protect your precious collection of trading cards from dust and dirt or from being subject to other detrimental external factors like dampness, to ensure cards remain in a mint condition.
The TCG ALBUM PRO is 300 x 325 x 58 mm in size, meaning that it is easily portable.

The colours red and white, separated by a black stripe, dominate the album cover. These colours are particularly common in the gaming world but are universally suitable for any trading card theme.


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Trading Card Album - Pro - Gaming

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