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We offer two services

1. Free Stamp Valuations - Not currently available
We now carry out a free valuation service to any UK inland address.
Book your free valuation here.

2. Insurance / Probate Valuations - By appointment only
We have a team of experienced professional valuers, one of whom will carefully look through your stamp or coin collection before evaluating the total replacement value.
Dauwalders will then provide a certificate of valuation and a recommendation for regularity of valuation.

Key Benefits

Our fees for carrying out a written valuation for insurance or reference purposes are as follows - £100.00 or 4% of value, whichever is the greatest.

This includes VAT and a valuation certificate, but excludes carriage and carriage insurance.

For more info, or to book an appointment please call us on 01722 412100

If you are looking to sell a collection please look here for further information before calling

Please see the following helpful information provided by the PTS

Stamp collections may have value if:

* fresh and true colours, not stuck to the page, no portion of the stamp missing, no creases or other damage
** in British “old” money, generally stamps above the 1/- (one shilling) face value

Stamp collections are less likely (unlikely) to have value if:

Other notes:

British Penny Blacks (1d black) are famous, but unfortunately are neither fabulously valuable, nor rare. 68 million were produced and sold. Depending on condition (and other factors) they are currently worth typically £40-£100 each (less for poor quality, much more for superb).

Older stamps still on the original envelopes may be worth a premium (sometimes a considerable premium) over and above the value of the stamps used to frank the letter.

Decimal currency British stamps (with face values in £p and not £sd) are (legally) widely traded at prices well below their nominal face value.

Stamps with genuine errors of production (for example missing colours) are often worth considerably more than “normal” issues.

Common stamps frequently have less common varieties, such as shades of colour. The one you have in front of you is statistically much more likely to be the common and cheaper variety, than it is the rare and expensive one.

Sale by auction will ensure that your stamps fetch a competitive price. Selling directly to a dealer may achieve a better net result.
For the highest possible price, sell them yourself (such as on e-Bay), but if you do so, bear in mind that the best items always sell first and dealers are unlikely to want to buy a “rump” or “remaindered” lot, when the best stamps are no longer there.

If you are looking to sell a collection please look here for further information before calling