Free Stamp Valuations
We now carry out a free valuation service to any UK inland address.

You may courier up to one box (maximum weight 20kg) to us for a free verbal valuation.
We ask only for return carriage cost of £15. Under no obligation to sell your stamps.

We reserve the right to refuse certain consignments please phone or email first.

Insurance Valuations
We have a team of experienced professional valuers, one of whom will carefully look through your collection before evaluating the total replacement value.
Dauwalders will then provide a certificate of valuation and a recommendation for regularity of valuation.

Key Benefits

Our fees for carrying out a valuation for insurance or reference purposes are as follows - £40.00 or 2% of valuation, whichever is the greatest.
This includes VAT and a valuation certificate, but excludes carriage and carriage insurance.

For more info, please call us on 01722 412100

Please see the following helpful information provided by the PTS

Stamp collections may have value if:

* fresh and true colours, not stuck to the page, no portion of the stamp missing, no creases or other damage
** in British “old” money, generally stamps above the 1/- (one shilling) face value
Stamp collections are less likely (unlikely) to have value if:

Other notes: